Bosch Diesel System Network

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Your shop standing out in the market

Making progress in a competitive market requires improvement

A changing market. This is the current scenario of Diesel shops in the country, in which the introduction of new technologies, client expectations and demands are increasingly higher.The demand for full service, as well as quality replacement parts, require constant updating and qualications before the growing complexity of diesel systems, particularly electronic systems such as Common Rail, UIS and UPS. To meet the needs of diesel repair shops and help them compete in this new market, we introduce the Diesel System Network program.

Your company as part of a national service network

To earn and keep the trust of consumers, it is necessary to efficiently communicate the full quality of products and services. Adopting a modern and professional image easily recognized by clients is a crucial part of this process. By becoming part of the Diesel System Network – a national network with standardized visual identity –, your shop gains visibility, generating more credibility and attracting more and more business opportunities.

Be recognized by quality and professionalism

Being a Diesel System means you can rely on:

Standardized Store Front

Visual identity that is attractive to consumers, highlighting the services provided by your company.

Modern uniforms

Neatness that conveys more professionalism and attention to clients’ needs.

Network decoration materials and interior signage

Attracting consumers and informing them about products and services available at your shop.

Quality auto parts

The use of replacement parts with the same quality as the original equipment is translated into expressive advantage for the client.

Presence on the internet

The Diesel System Network will have a website where consumers will be able to locate the repair shop that is closest to their home.

Belonging to a future-oriented group

You will always be able to rely on the experience of the worldwide leader in diesel systems.


1. Access to up-to-date information

  • Receiving catalogs and brochures on Bosch products.
  • Regular visits.
  • Guiding support on Bosch’s warranty process.
  • Participation in regional lectures.
  • Closer relationship with Bosch’s partner distributors, bringing special advantagesto the shop.
  • Participation in promotionalcampaigns for Bosch products.
  • Free online training through the Super Bosch Professionals program.

2. Discounts on training at the Bosch Automotive Training Center in Campinas.

3. Special terms for the purchase of Bosch test equipment.